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Dec 20, 2020 | Explore Toronto, Food, Shopping

Chef Nuit Regular – Kiin | Photo courtesy of Pai

In another installment of ways to support Toronto restaurants while gifting this season, below are some fantastic cookbooks hailing from Toronto chefs. You can read the first post here – featuring delicious products from local restaurants.

And of course, you can also purchase gift cards and order food, if you’re looking for more ways to support your favourite restaurants this season!

You can also purchase the Middle of Somewhere cards – available in the online shop. The cards offer a super fun way to support local restaurants and help you keep track as you taste your way through Toronto’s best burger, pizza and dessert spots!

Need more gift ideas? Check out the stocking stuffer gift guide here.


Cookbooks by Toronto Chefs

Pai Kiin Cookbook

Chef Nuit's Kiin: Recipes and Stories from Northern Thailand

Photo courtesy of Chef Nuit.

It’s no secret that I love Pai (see my Top Five post here), and am so excited about Chef Nuit’s recent cookbook launch. Gift this book and be sure to invite yourself over for a beautiful Thai dinner spread in the future! 

Order here.

The Hunter Chef Antler Cookbook

The Hunter Chef

Photo courtesy of The Hunter Chef.

A recently published cookbook brought to you by Michael Hunter, the Chef of Antler. Michael Hunter is a wild-game hunter and chef and his cookbook celebrates the use of wild ingredients through an array of over 100 recipes and butchery guides.

Order here!

Bunner's Cookbook Toronto


Photo courtesy of Bunners.

Bunner’s is sought after for their vegan treats that are oh so delicious. Their cookbook celebrates plenty of recipes with tons of photos to get your cravings going!

Order here!

BarChef Cocktail Book Toronto

The BarChef Book: "A Modern Approach To Cocktails"

Photo courtesy of BarChef.

BarChef is an incredible bar in Toronto with inventive, over-the-top cocktails that nail taste and presentation. Their book is “aimed at adventurous mixologists, enthusiasts who want to hone their skills and taste, and who want to experience something of Solarik’s genius at home.”

Order here.

For the Love of Cheese Cookbook

For the Love of Cheese

Photo courtesy of The Cheese Boutique.

This book hails from the mind of Afrim Pristine, who is the maitre fromager (cheese master) of Toronto’s hugely popular Cheese Boutique. In this book, you’ll learn cheese basics, how to buy and store cheese, how to pair cheese, and how to build an incredible cheese board. To top it off, the book also includes 60 recipes for every meal, including dishes from some of the world’s top chefs. And seriously, who doesn’t love cheese?!

Order here!

The Last Schmaltz Cookbook

The Last Schmaltz

Photo courtesy of Chef Anthony Rose.

The Last Schmaltz comes from Chef Anthony Rose, who has a string of restaurants dotting Dupont St, each of which will bring you on a fantastic culinary journey – whether it’s food meant for sharing as you connect with friends & family (Fet Zun & Fat Pasha), indulgent comfort foods (Madame Boeuf) or some of the best smoked fish bagels that you’ll find in the city (Schmaltz Appetizing). The cookbook highlights some of his most famous recipes and stories.

Order here!

Matty Matheson Cookbook

Home Style Cookery

Photo courtesy of Chef Matty Matheson.

Home Style Cookery is brought to you by Matty Matheson, the man behind many of Toronto’s greatest comfort foods joints – including the latest Matty Patty’s Burgers Club. His latest cookbook holds 130+ recipes meant to help you master your kitchen. You’ll find everything from basics (soups, stocks, breads, and dips) to comfort classics (there’s a whole section on sandwiches) and full-blown dishes like Lobster Thermidor.


Order here.

Amy Rosen's Toronto Eats Cookbook

Toronto Eats

Photo courtesy of Amy Rosen.

Toronto Eats features 100 recipes from 50 of Toronto’s chefs. The cookbook comes on the heels of Amy Rosen’s best-selling book, Toronto Cooks.

Order here!

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