Dear readers –

You’ve made it – to the beginning of a marvelous adventure!

For so long, I’ve been my inner circle’s go-to informant on anything from immersive pop-up experiences to farmer’s markets to speakeasies. I’ve been the default planner for every annual girls trip and am known as someone who rarely wants to return to the same restaurant twice. Now, I even get asked to provide input into family & friend’s vacations that I’m not even a part of. 

I’ve explored over 30 countries, 10+ of them solo, and have a passion for creating wonderfully curated experiences. With so many new places to explore, I care deeply that I get the most out of each adventure. Through the immense amount of time I’ve spent searching, planning, and doing, I’ve realized that you can always uncover a new gem if you just venture one more block.

I want to go to restaurants that leave me with memories that I can feel, not just taste. I want to bring home products that are just as beautiful as they are useful. And I want to immerse myself deep enough into a city that it ends up meaning more to me than a check mark on a map.

I also believe that great adventures don’t always begin with a plane ticket, and that there is so much to be discovered in your own city if you just explore a little further.

Here, I hope you’ll find inspiration to explore a little bit of the unknown – a new product, neighbourhood gem, travel destination, recipe – whatever it is that’ll keep you up late at night dreaming about.


Whether your next journey takes you around the world or around the corner, I hope you find your escape to the Middle of Somewhere.


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Stay Tuned!