Shop some of my favourite products below. These are all items that I personally own and love, and think you might as well, or brands that I have researched deeply. Many are Canadian, ethical or small-batch production brands.
Armed Jewelry Canada

Costume Jewelry That Lasts

Armed Jewelry is a Canadian, female-owned company whose mission is to create affordable jewelry that doesn’t tarnish. Yes, that means you can wear it in the water and not worry about it fading. Their snake chains are very of the moment and are one of my favourite pieces from the brand.

Marina de Buci Choker Necklace

Dainty Choker

Marina De Buchi is a jewelry designer from London, England. Her brand’s mission is to fight human trafficking, and as part of that, they donate 10% of every purchase to the A21 campaign that works to fight human trafficking and abolish slavery everywhere.

The brand’s pieces are dainty and feminine. I have the ‘Little Things’ necklace, and it has quickly become one of my favourite pieces of jewelry (pictured).

Jenny Bird Canada Jewelry Brand Earrings

Statement Pieces

Jenny Bird is another Canadian costume jewelry brand. I am obsessed with their statement hoops – they no longer sell the pair I own (pictured, the “Love” hoops), but they always have tons of fabulous pieces – earrings, bracelets, necklaces and more.

Check out some of my favourite products:

Le Goût de RAF

Affordable, Striking Pieces

Le Goût de RAF is based out of Vancouver, and their motto is “simple yet classic, chic but elegant”. Their designs are unique, but understated and are the perfect addition for dressing up an outfit. Since their pieces are plated, their price range is more affordable than some other Canadian brands. Not to mention, their packaging and box designs are very cute – great for gift giving, even if you want to send the gift directly to someone (no need to even wrap it)!

Pieces that I own and love:

Lovers Tempo Canadian Jewelry Necklace

Delicate Classics

Lovers Tempo focuses on creating delicate pieces that you can wear every day. They are timeless and the designers have a unique attention to detail that makes a piece feel truly unique.  I have their Dot Pearl Lariat necklace and it is the perfect accent for a v-neck top or dress. Lovers Tempo is another Canadian brand.

Finley Charlotte Wave Ring Toronto Jewelry Brand

Timeless Staples

Finley is a Toronto-based brand with a high standard for materials and ethics. I particularly like the timeless Charlotte Wave ring, but they have many beautiful pieces. 

Their workshop is entirely nickle-free and their materials are meant to last. Read more about their materials here. Moreover, their workshop holds the SA8000 manufacturers certificate. It is based on nine labour provisions related to ethical working conditions. Finley also holds the ISO14001 environmental certifications for their strict standards established to protect the environment. Read more here. There is a reason they define themselves as “luxury without compromise”.

betsy & iya Handmade Jewelry Portland Oregon

Modern Bangles

All pieces are handmade in betsy & iya’s Portland, Oregon studio. I came across this shop on a recommendation from strangers who noticed I was travelling alone and thought I might appreciate the suggestion. I have fairly small wrists, and finding bangles that fit has always been a challenge. I immediately fell in love with Betsy & iya’s cuffs and picked up the delicate Mollia cuff bracelet (pictured). They also carry a number of other stunning, modern statement pieces.

Clothing & Intimates
Knix Underwear Period Proof

Knix Underwear

I am beyond obsessed with Knix. Coming across the leakproof period underwear was a total game changer. To be completely honest, I originally thought the concept was kind of odd – what do you do with the underwear once you’ve worn it and you aren’t ready to do laundry yet? They thoughtfully include a mesh wash bag with your order. The have different styles – thong, cheeky, bikini, high-rise, boyshort, and more, each with their own level of absorbency. I have never been big on tampons, and this underwear has not only helped me to be environmentally friendly, but eliminating pads from my cycle has made for a much more comfortable experience.

Still Here NYC Jeans

Still Here Jeans

Still Here Denim makes the coolest jeans. Designed in NYC and produced in LA, each pair of vintage-inspired jeans has signature hand-painted stripes down the back. They’re all about creating a timeless fit with a creative flair. Check them out here.

Photographer: Shana Jade.

Ellesmere Lingerie Canada

Ellesmere Lingerie

Montréal-based Ellesmere Lingerie creates stunning, delicate pieces made for contemporary women. The designer, Julia, grew up in the Yukon and has an education in sculpture. Each piece is sewn in Montréal, with designs inspired from both the Arctic North and city life. The resutling pieces are unique and beautiful.

Uniqlo Seamless Underwear

Uniqlo Seamless underwear

I swear by Uniqlo Seamless underwear. I wear a lot of flowy pants, and the fabric has a tendency to cling to me (or my underwear). I tried many brands of ‘seamless’ underwear over the years – some wore too quickly whilst others were not actually seamless. Uniqlo’s Airism Ultra Seamless underwear is truly seamless and I highly recommend them. They come in a variety of colours. 

Province of Canada loungewear

Province of Canada Loungewear

I have loved Province of Canada for a long time; their products are all made in Canada and their designs play a nice homage to Canada without feeling too ‘Canadiana’.

I purchased the ‘dad’ sweatshirt for my dad for Father’s Day. Given his rave reviews, I subsequently decided to treat myself with the Everyday Leggings, the Everyday Bike Shorts and the Monday Crop Top. The fabrics are a nice thickness (not see through!!), are soft and super comfortable. And look, I can no longer wear a crop top like I used to and I’m also tall, with a long torso, so a crop top is usually even shorter on me than most people. But I’ve been eyeing Province of Canada’s crop for some time as they described it as: “unlike your average crop top, we’ve added a little extra length so you don’t have to show off your belly button”. The length is perfect – if I raise my arms, you’ll catch a glimpse of skin, but when I move around normally, it sits right at the top of the high waisted leggings and shorts. It’s short enough to look more tailored, without being too cropped! Hallelujah!

Uniqlo Seamless Underwear

Kit & Ace high-waisted shorts

I live in these Kit & Ace high waisted shorts. They are super high waisted, which I love, and the fabric is unbelievably soft.  I’ve since purchased a few similar shorts from other companies, but none have been as amazing as these.

Although they no longer have the olive colour that I bought, you can find other colours here. And, the Uniqlo seamless underwear is perfect for underneath.

Lezé the Label

Lezé the Label Work & Loungewear

This Toronto-based brand describes themselves as “comfortable workwear for women” with “recycled [pieces] that feel like pyjamas”. Not only that, but their garments are sweat-free, offer super stretch and don’t require any dry cleaning (hooray!). The fabrics are also made from coffee waste, plastic and used fishing nets – keeping items out of landfills.

Shop here.

Sheertex Indestructible Tights

Sheertex Tights

Sheertex has practically indestructible tights that are built for real life. I used to work as a hostess and wore tights as part of my uniform. I bought the highest quality I could find, and they never lasted more than a few shifts. Sheertex is a game changer. They send you a sample to try to destroy, and believe me, I tried. The tights are incredibly durable, built with the strongest knit in the world, which is apparently 10X stronger than steel. Yes, you read that right. 

Colorful Standard

Colorful Standard

Colorful Standard is a cool, Danish brand, with products made in Portugal. They make simple, beautiful, long-lasting timeless classics from high-quality cotton. Their cotton is organic, made without genetically modified seeds, and they pay careful attention to ensure their employees are treated well and receive fair wages. All garments have also been pre-washed, which means they won’t shrink when you wash them. So go on, check out Colorful Standard and enjoy cozying up in their loungewear and touques.

You can purchase their items directly from the company – or check out local Toronto retailers that carry their products (like Muddy George).

Toronto Silk Labs Scrunchie

Silk Labs Scrunchies

Toronto-based Silk Labs has taken the world by storm with their 100% silk scrunchies. I personally own multiple, and can attest that they do wonders in ensuring my hair stays smooth and crease-free. They also sell beautiful headbands and combs.

Matt & Nat Belt Bag

Matt & Nat Bags

Matt & Nat is a Canadian brand and the name came from Mat(t)erial and Nature. They do not use animal materials in any part of their production but instead have experimented with a variety of other materials, including recycled nylons, cardboard, rubber and cork. Since 2007, their linings are made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles. 

I particularly love the Beverly Belt Bag, but Matt & Nat has plenty of beautiful products to choose from. Some other favourites include:

West Von Womens Hats

West Von Hats

West Von is a female-owned, Canadian brand that makes gorgeous hats using 100% pure Australian wool and natural s. West Von is thoughtful about their production process and are certified in Fair Wages, Environmental and Quality management. They also have environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging.

A Bronze Age Sport Scrunchie

A Bronze Age Sport Scrunchie Pack

The Sport Scrunchies are the smallest scrunchie that A Bronze Age has made to date. These mini scrunchies are made for activity whilst remaining 100% silk. A Bronze Age makes all of their products in Vancouver and also creates luxurious, oversized scrunchies that add quite a statement. Take a peek here.

Lelet NY Hairband

LELET NY Luxury Hair Accessories

LELET NY is an NYC-based, luxury hair accessory brand. Their concept is to balance feminine and fierce, and introduce a blend of modern and nostalgia to create accessories for the modern day woman. Their accessories can be work every day, or to accent an evening or bridal outfit. They use Swarovski cystals, sterling silver and gold plating, semi-precious stones, leather, silks and more. There’s a reason why so many celebrities have worn LELET NY’s stunning pieces!

Sandals & Flats
Brave Soles Shoes

Upcycled Sandals

Brave Soles is a Canadian, female-owned company that repurposes discarded tires from the Dominican Republic into shoe soles. I own two pairs of their sandals and love the positive impact they have on the planet and communities in the Dominican Republic.

Tkees Stylish Flip Flops

Sleek Flip Flops

I’ve always been the kind of gal who wouldn’t dare leaving my house in baggy sweatpants (I am so very thankful for all of the trendy athleisure brands who have made comfort clothes you can wear out!). The same goes for flip flops – I grew up with Old Navy flip flops, and once I had some sense of style, I couldn’t bear to wear them outside. I came across Tkees a couple years ago and absolutely love my flip flops. They’re simple and classic and pass the sniff test for wearing them in public, outside of going to the beach. They’re easy to pair with jeans or dresses, super comfortable and worth the splurge. My favourites are the “Liners“.



I have only purchased two pairs of heels in the last five years – shocking, I know. The latest are these classic, comfortable Clarks strappy sandals which are easy to dress up or down (Elisa Dedra Open Toe Sandal).

Steve Madden Snakeskin Flats

Versatile Flats

I constantly get compliments on these Steve Madden flats. They’re also incredibly comfortable – the fabric and soles are very malleable (you can literally bend the shoe on half). They’re versatile, making it easy to dress up or down an outfit; I’ve worn them to weddings and to work, and everything in between. I’m onto by second pair, and I forsee them remaining a staple in my closet for some time.

Raw Nails Canadian Non Toxic Nail Polish

Raw Nails Non-Toxic Nail Polish

Raw Nails is a Canadian company that was established in 2019. Their polishes are non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free.

The brand introduced me to the concept of 10-free, which means the nail polish was created without 10 of the most common chemicals found in polishes. Nail polish is one of the most harmful products that we put on our bodies, so I was thrilled to see the introduction of these beautifully coloured, non-toxic products.

19/99 Beauty Products

19/99 Precision Pencil

19/99 is an incredible beauty brand launched by Camille Katona and Stephanie Spence. They are challenging the idea of appropriateness in beauty and are focused on “narrowing the generational beauty gap”.

Not to mention, their products are fantastic. I am a lipstick fanatic – you’ll find a lipstick in every crevice of my home and at a handful at the bottom of every purse – and I absolutely love their precision pencil.

Read here for an interview with the founders.

Bath & Body Works Lavender Vanilla

Relaxing Hand Lotion

I use hand lotion multiple times per day (probably upwards of 5X), and I’ve tried my fair share over the years. One of my favourites is, perhaps shockingly, Bath & Body Works lavender vanilla lotion. It is moisturizing without being greasy, and has a relaxing scent.

Honua Malu SPF 30 Face Sunscreen Moisturizing

Honua SPF 30 Day Cream

Malu is a facial day cream with SPF 30 from a brand out of Hawaii called Honua. Malu is the Hawaiian word for protection, and that’s exactly what it does. Moreover, it is completely palm-free, cruelty-free, vegan and free of synthetic fragrances, and leaves your skin feeling nourished, without the streaky white cast that typically comes with sunscreen. I’ve been on the hunt for a moisturizing face sunscreen for some time, and am thrilled I came across Malu. There’s a reason it’s frequently sold out.

Organic Cotton Rounds

The Green Co. Cotton Rounds

California-based The Green Co. is on a mission to provide eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products. Their values are rooted in environmental sustainability, ethical production and creating high-quality, long-lasting products. Their reusable bamboo and cotton rounds are an easy replacement for disposable cotton rounds. You can use them, throw them in the wash and reuse them (yes – even if you put nail polish remover on them!!). They are 100% biodegradable and can replace many disposable cotton rounds. It’s a really simple switch you can make to help protect the environment.

They also come with the cutest laundry mesh bag!

Check out a Canadian alternative here: Boho & Hobo (handmade in Canada)

thisworks deep sleep lavender lotion

Thisworks Pillow Spray

I am a night owl, but sometimes it isn’t by choice.

Using thisworks pillow spray before bed helps to relax my busy mind. Their body cocoon lotion is equally as great. Check out the over 2,000 reviews on Amazon and you’ll see what I’m talking about!

Aquis Hair Towel

Aquis Hair Towel

The Aquis Hair Towel is a lightweight microfiber towel, perfect for wrapping your hair after a shower. It dries your hair faster and reduces the risk of split ends. 

Saje Pocket Farmacy

Saje Pocket Farmacy

The Saje Pocket Farmacy kit is comprised of five roll-on essential oils meant to be natural remidies for headaches, pains, cold, indigestion and stress. I bring this with me when I travel and keep it in my nightstand when at home. The peppermint halo has soothed many headaches.

Stila Liquid Eyeshadow

Stila Liquid Eyeshadow

Stila Liquid Eyeshadow is incredible – it is high-shine and all you have to do is swipe the applicator across your eyelid and dab it with your finger (it’s applicator is like a lip gloss). And voilà! That’s it!

Tarte Moisturizer

Tarte Drink of H2O moisturizer

I’ve been testing out a lot of face moisturizers, and the Tarte Drink of H2O is my latest favourite. It is deeply moisturizing – leaves your face feeling a bit damp at first, but I love using it after I wash my face in the shower as it feels extra nourishing.

Three Ships Beauty Lip Scrub

Three Ships Lip Scrub

Three Ships is a Canadian beauty company (formerly Niu Body) that focuses on creating natural and affordable products.  The brand was launched in 2017 by Laura – a chemical engineer – and Connie – a business graduate. The brand was born out of a frustration for how expensive high-quality skincare is. Every product is made with 100% natural ingredients and is certified cruelty-free. Nothing goes to market unless it has been scientifically proven to work. And, all products are under $40 USD. I absolutely love their vanilla lip scrub – it is excellent any time of year but particularly useful in the dry winter months.

Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Rose Quartz Facial Roller

I recently purchased a rose quartz facial roller. I’m not sure if I am completely bought into the benefits – they’re supposed to help reduce puffiness, wrinkles and provide sinus pressure relief – but it feels so refreshing and has become a mainstay on my vanity.

I have a rose quartz version, which remains naturally cooler than it’s jade counterpart (even without putting it in the fridge). I roll it on my freshly washed and moisturized face and the cooling sensation leaves me happily relaxed.

Purchase the same one that I have from Montreal brand, BKIND here.

Foreo Face Cleanser and Massager

Foreo Facial Cleanser

The LUNA uses T-Sonic pulsations to cleanse deep below the skin’s surface. It has 8 adjustable intensities and 3 different bristle thicknesses, allowing you to clean all areas of your face. The LUNA is now part of my daily routine and I love using it with my face wash in the shower.

Wet Brush

Wet Brush

The Wet Brush was a game-changer for me. I am no longer ripping through the ends of my hair or spending ages trying to detangle. The Wet Brush is gentle and the soft, flexible bristles reduce breakage. The handle is also made from all-natural biodegradable plant starch that breaks down in a landfill faster than other typical materials. I used to have a drawer full of different styles of hair brushes, but now I won’t use anything else.

Sunday's Company Under Eye Remedy

Sunday's Company

Sunday’s Company is a Canadian brand that was built based on the concept of celebrating slow living and slow beauty. The brand offers a beautiful selection of botanical and herb-based body care products created using the whole plant. Many of the products are harvested from the founder’s own land and all are handmade. The Under Eye Remedy is perfect for someone who is now spending a lot of time on video calls.

Sunday’s Company also sells their products at one of my favourite shops in Prince Edward County called Field Made Goods.

Frank Body Coffee Scrub

Frank Body Coffee Scrub

I have dry skin, so I love a good scrub. I recently tried the A-Beauty Body Scrub from Australian brand, Frank Body. Frank Body was an idea that began in a coffee shop between five friends. They set out to make a great coffee scrub that worked.

Their reviews are plentiful and insanely good, and their branding is hilariously cheeky (it’s probably the only packaging I have read start to finish and actually enjoyed). Most importantly, I can attest that their scrub works wonders!

Makeup Travel Case

Makeup Travel Case

I traveled for work, every week, for almost four years and about three years in, I finally purchased this travel case and it was a game changer. It has lots of adjustable compartments that was perfect for keeping organized while away. It also has a zipper pouch which fits a full eyeshadow palette. Note: I was able to manage it for a carry on suitcase (since I typically was bringing only a couple of work outfits and no additional shoes), but it does take up a lot of room in a smaller bag.

Tula Face Wash

Tula Skincare Face Wash

I have been testing out various face cleansers, and Tula’s keep it clear is my current favourite. I typically wash my face in the shower, and use the Foreo facial cleanser (see above) to massage the face wash in. The product contains a number of superfoods and is cruelty-free and it manages to clear away all of the bumps in every nook and cranny on my face (even the groove between my chin and lower lip, which is a problem area for me). The only downside is I find it is quite drying. However, I just follow up after my shower with the extra moisturizing Tarte Drink of H2O Moisturizer (see above).

Well Kept Safety Razor

Well Kept Safety Razor

Well Kept is a brand from Vancouver. Their safety razors offer a gentle shave and are meant to last a lifetime, making them a more sustainable choice than disposable razors. The blades also come in minimal packaging and can be recycled.

Shop directly from Well Kept or shop here from Toronto-based Scout.

Kitchen & Dining
Estelle Colored Glass Colourful Wine Glasses

Estelle Colored Glass

If you’re looking to spruce up your wine and cocktail glass game, look no further. Estelle Colored Glass offers hand-blown stemware and stemless glasses in the most stunning jewel tone and pastel shades. You’ll also find coloured decanters and cake stands.

The pieces are vintage-inspired and commissioned from glass artisans in Poland. The brand is inspired by the founders grandmother, Estelle, who ‘loved antiquing and had a special day of the week where she visited her favourite shops looking for new treasures in small neighbouring South Carolina towns”. She sounds like my kind of gal. Read more about the brand’s story here.

Lot 8 Linen Bread Bag

Lot 8 Linen Bread Bag

Lot 8’s Linen Bread Bag is described as “a bread bag for bread lovers”. Hailing from French tradition, storing preservative-free, crusty bread in breathable linen keeps your bread fresher than storing it in plastic (which typically makes the bread moist, causing it to lose it’s crust) or paper (which typically dries out the bread quickly). The bags are handmade in Canada, and are available In three sizes and two colours.

How to Drink Wine Book By The Infatuation

Book: How to Drink Wine

How to Drink Wine: The Easiest Way to Learn What You Like was co-written by Chris Stang, the writer and founder of The Infatuation. The Infatuation is a New York-based restaurant recommendation website. As soon as I started spending a lot of time in New York, the Infatuation quickly became my trusted advisor when it came to selecting a restaurant. I literally cross-referenced every choice with their reviews for two reasons: 1) they were always spot on, meaning I completely trusted them and 2) the write-ups were so good that I would genuinely read them for pleasure. So, safe to say, I knew I would probably like this wine book, so I ordered it as soon as it came out. It’s the only drink book that I’ve read cover-to-cover. It was great & I highly recommend it if you are looking to get comfortable enough with wine so that you no longer feel completely stressed when asked to pick a bottle at dinner.

Yield French Press

Yield French Press

This glass number from Yield has to be the most beautiful French Press I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I don’t even drink coffee, but I am longing for one of these in my kitchen.

It comes in three colours and is made by Yield, an independent design studio based out of St. Augustine, Florida.

Shop Here from Toronto-based Merchant of York.

Georg Jensen Wine Cooler

Georg Jensen Champagne Cooler

This Georg Jensen champagne / wine cooler is a bit of a splurge, but it is absolutely stunning. A great statement piece to add to your dining table set up the next time you are hosting. It also works as a wonderful luxurious wedding gift.

I came across Georg Jensen when travelling in Oslo. The luxury brand began in 1904 Copenhagen. They focus on the highest quality craftsmanship and timeless design. The brand offers products from housewares to jewellery and watches.

Yield Wick Trimmer

Yield Wick Trimmer

Another beauty from Yield, this wick trimmer is not only functional (trimming your candle wicks make them last longer!) but it is a great accessory that you can easily leave out and incorporate into your living room design.

Shop Here from Toronto-based Merchant of York.

Handmade Pink Citrus Juicer

Handmade Citrus Juicer

This handmade citrus juicer is both functional and beautiful, adding a nice pop of colour to your kitchen. The juicer is made in BC and available to be purchased at Pictus Goods, in Toronto. It’s available in multiple colours.

Ten & Co Swedish Sponge Cloth

Ten and Co. Swedish Sponge Cloth

Launched in 2013, Ten and Co. is an eco-conscious home goods company that has brought classic Swedish sponge cloths to Canada. Swedish sponge cloths have been used for over 60 years and are popular because they can absorb 15X their weight in liquid (~3/4 of a cup). They’re also compostable and reusable. The cloths are not only more functional than your everyday paper towel, but they’re also more sustainable.

The founder, Christen, learned to screenprint by hand which means you’ll find unique and beautiful patterns at Ten & Co. The Swedish sponge cloths will be sure to bring a little joy to any kitchen.

Home Accessories & Decor
mrkt Gallery Toronto

mrkt Gallery Art

Mrkt Gallery is an online gallery founded in 2019. It is dedicated to works by female artists, with an objective of filling a major gap in the market (What’s the gap? Read our interview with the founder to find out! You’ll find some pretty shocking statistics that may encourage you to shop for art a little differently. Mrkt Gallery is the perfect place to shop if all of this time at home has prompted you to redecorate.

Art pictured is by Toronto artist, Shelina Pachai.

Saje Diffuser


I am such a fan of Saje diffusers that I have two in my condo: the award-winning Om in the bedroom (pictured) and the Om Deluxe in the living room. It’s a great way to scent a room and create a relaxing or uplifting vibe. I especially love using the peaceful slumber scent as I go to bed.

Alternatively, you can purchase a Vitruvi diffuser and the associated essential oils and blends off of Amazon. It is also a Canadian brand.

Gray Malin Escape Coffee Table Book

Escape Coffee Table Book

I love a great coffee table book, but it’s a challenge to find one that I would actually flip through. Introduce: Escape by Gray Malin. It is filled with his stunning beach and water photography, and I find myself perusing through it quite frequently. As someone who loves escaping to the Middle of Somewhere, there couldn’t be a more perfect coffee table book.

He also has two other coffee table books: Beaches and Italy 

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa

I am obsessed with my Amazon Alexa. I use it daily for checking the weather, asking for cooking measurement conversion, checking spelling and playing music. There are so many other things you can do with Alexa and I don’t think I could live without it anymore. When I travel, I wake up in a hotel room and automatically begin asking Alexa what the weather is, only to disappointingly realize that there isn’t an Alexa.

Work, Office & Travel
Moglea Daily Planner Journal Hand Painted

Mōglea Planner

The Mōglea planners are amazing for multiple reasons. Firstly, the inner pages have blank lines on the left and Monday through Sunday boxes for weekly planning on the right side. There are no dates, which is amazing if you’re like me and use a planner sporadically. That means if you miss a few weeks, you no longer have to throw away any pages, since there are no prescribed calendar dates.

Secondly, Mōglea is a letterpress studio that handmakes each piece. Many of their products are hand painted or dip dyed, which means you’ll end up with a one-of-a-kind piece. The hand-painted journals are all done by their team in their Audubon, Iowa studio.

Watch this mesmerizing Instagram video to understand their process.

kikki.K leather journal

Kikki.k Planner Holder

I came across the Swedish brand kikki.K when I was working in Hong Kong. Their leather notebook holders are a great way to add sophistication to your work notes. The brand has plenty of other items to browse – from journals and cards to books and candles. Spoil yourself or buy the perfect gift for someone else.

Fisher Space Pen

Fisher Space Pen

Everyone deserves a sleek, high-end pen. For signing fancy documents or just writing love notes to yourself. The Fisher Space pen was literally designed to be used in space, without the need for gravity, which means you can write at any angle, including upside down. You can also write between -34 and +121 degrees Celsius, as well as underwater or over grease. Safe to say, this is the pen you want to bring with you on all of your adventures. You can purchase refills here.

Read more about the pen here.

Alternatively, check out Detroit-based brand, Shinola, for other beautiful pens (and watches!).

Stil Classics Planner

Stil Classics Get it Done Planner

The Sitl Classics Get It Done Planner will help make your quarterly goal achievement and daily task planning that little bit easier. The planner includes a 90-day goal cycle, and enables you to jot down 3 important tasks every day. It is meant to make daily achievement digestible whilst helping you stay on track.

Planters & Accessories
Dynasty Large Planter Snake Plant Toronto

Simple White Indoor Planters

I searched for planters for ages and these finally fit my criteria: 1) large enough for my growing plants, 2) good quality, durable material and 3) didn’t totally break my budget. I also love that these are from a local shop in Toronto.

Check out Dynasty Toronto for more options!


Scalloped Planters

Scalloped Planters

These stunning scalloped cylinder planters are made by Hudson + Oak, out of Vancouver. All planters are sourced from their Vancouver supplier and then hand painted in their Vancouver studio. They are often refining their colour palette and introducing new, beautiful shades. Each planter is offered in an extensive array of colours and are suitable for indoors or out (you can request a drainage hole to be drilled!).

With a keen eye for design, the founder Sarah, is always creating something beautiful. Check out their website for more designs.

Common House Studio Planters

Hand Painted Planters

If you’re looking for a planter with a pop of colour, Common House Studio is your spot! Their modern planters are hand painted in Welland, Ontario (near Niagara) and each planter is available in a variety of sizes.

They offer pickup and delivery, and have a great FAQ section on their website to help answer all of your indoor plant questions.

Plant Mister

Plant Mister

I was also gifted a plant mister and I absolutely love it. It’s perfect for small indoor plants that require a more humid environment and don’t necessarily need to be watered each day. The mister is quite beautiful and can be left out as décor. Having it out serves as a great reminder to mist your plants!

Buy it here.

Midori Black Outdoor Planter

Large Outdoor Planter Boxes

I searched far and wide for the perfect planter box. I finally found and purchased 5 of these Midori Planter boxes for my condo balcony. They’re a great height to hide the railing without blocking the view and I love how I’ve been able to transform the balcony into a plant oasis. They are a bit expensive, but really great quality.

I lined the planters with plant insulation (like this) and for the last 3 years, my plants and bulbs have survived through the winter.


V&A Gardening Set

I was gifted this gardening set which is perfect for both indoors and out. The design is from a wallpaper print from J.H. Dearle. They’re both useful and stylish which means you don’t have to store them in the back of a cupboard.

Indoor Planters

Small Vases

I love having fresh cut flowers in my home, alongside dried flowers. Dried flowers work well in small vases and require literally no maintenance (except dusting one/year). Small vases add a perfect way to decorate your home. Feel free to add a pop of colour, or keep them neutral.

Some great vases can be found here:

Watering Can

Watering Can

The Elfaro Designs Watering Can, with it’s long spout, is a stunning edition to any home. It comes in gold and silver.

W&P Ice Mold

Ice Molds

W&P’s beautiful ice molds are perfect for a celebratory drink!

The Peak Collection molds are easy to use – just make sure you fully seal the halves before filling. There is an ice mold for every style of cocktail. I personally own a set of these and love them!

Shop Here

KVASBCO Cocktail Mixer

KVAS FBC Cocktail Syrups

KVAS FBC is run by husband-and-wife team Amy and Zac Kvas. Their last name, Kvas, literally means yeast, so you could say their knack for making great cocktails runs in their blood.

Their mission is to provide bar-quality syrups and garnishes that are simple to use, all-natural and full of flavour. You can use their syrups in cocktails or in cooking – sauces, glazes, baked goods, etc. 

Shop Here

Walter's Caesar Mix

Walter's Caesar Mix

Walters Caesar Mix is made in small craft production runs in Canada. The mixes are gluten free, contain no artificial colours, flavours or high-fructose corn syrup and have won 17 medals. Drink it on it’s own as a virgin cocktail or add your favourite vodka to make a classic Caesar.

Shop Mix Here  & Rim Here


Jack Rudy Cocktail Co Cocktail Cherries

Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. Cherries

Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. is based in Charleston and their handcrafted cocktail cherries are highly sought after. They combined Bourbon from their home state of Kentucky with Oregon cherries to create the perfect cocktail companion.

You can pick some up at the store for all things cocktails in Toronto – The Cocktail Emporium.


Bar tools

Hanging Bar Tools

These bar tools are not only handy but look clean and modern on top of any bar cabinet – opt for a set that has, at minimum, a Hawthorn strainer & a jigger.

This one is from England, but you can find other options in the Hanging Bar Tools section of this post.

Salty Paloma Cocktail Rimmer

Salty Paloma Cocktail Rimmers

Toronto-based Salty Paloma makes great cocktail rimmers. One of my favourites is the Heartbreaker, which is made of cane sugar and grapefruit zest. It adds a sweet touch to the perfect cocktail.

Food Products
Smoke Show Canadian Hot Sauce

Smoke Show Hot Sauce

Smoke Show is a Canadian-made, small batch jalepeño-based hot sauce that is described as “equal parts smoky, spicy, and sweet”. It’s not going to burn your mouth off (in fact, you likely won’t find it spicy at all), but instead, it adds nice smoky flavour to your food.

Heartbeat Hot Sauce Ontario

Heartbeat Hot Sauce

Heartbeat Hot Sauce is a Canadian brand making small batch production runs out of their facility in Thunder Bay, Ontario. They don’t add water to their hot sauces, which means each bottle is packed with flavourful goodness. The Red Habanero has quickly become one of our favourite hot sauces and we are looking forward to trying their other flavour.

Shop here.

Terroni Essentials

Terroni Essentials

The Terroni essentials package includes their house olive oil, famous peperoncini piccanti (which has been one of our house staples for a long time! We stock up on the next jar before we are finished our current one), and pomodori pelati. The bundle is available in three different sizes and is the perfect way to bring Terroni home.

Order here!

Neal Brothers Sriracha Mayo

Neal Brothers Sriracha Mayo

I love a great flavoured mayo to add to burgers, sandwiches, crab cakes and so on. I came across the Neal Brothers Sriracha Mayo in Sobey’s and had to get it. It was a nice change from a typical chipotle mayo – I find it packs a nice amount of heat (not overpowering, but you can definitely taste a little punch). Also available at Loblaws. Neil Brothers has been around for over 30 years and they’re best known for making ‘better for you’ snacks with high quality ingredients. Worth nothing that they also make some of the best salsas out there.

Stock T.C. Frozen Cacio e Pepe Puck

Stock T.C. Cacio e Pepe Puck

The cacio e pepe puck from Stock T.C. may have been the best food product I’ve purchased in 2020. Simply add to a pan from frozen and once melted, add your cooked pasta and mix. Perfect for easy and delicious cacio e pepe at home.

Psst – you can now shop for some groceries from Stock T.C. online (via their website) and read a behind the scenes post here!

Cumbrae's Spices

Cumbrae's Spices

Cumbrae’s is an excellent Toronto butcher with multiple locations. Cumbrae’s has many perfect stocking stuffers for the foodie in your life. Their spices are a staple in my house and have become a go-to housewarming gift. They also carry many other house-made products as well as other popular Canadian food brands (like Pinch Hot Sauce).

If you don’t live near a Cumbrae’s, pop into your local butcher shop. They’ll often have their own house-made line of spices and sauces.


I am loving this cooler from business & pleasure! It’s great for a picnic in the park, keeping drinks cool on a boat, or wherever adventure your summer brings you (Indigo).

Note: As an Affilitate of Indigo, I may receive a commission for your purchase. It will not impact the price you pay.

Kanel Sea Salt

Kanel Gourmet Salts

Montreal-based Kanel created this set of all-natural finishing salts to elevate weeknight dinners to everyday luxuries.

This set includes: Fiery Sea Salt, Holy Grail Garlic Salt, Summer Black Truffle Salt, and Cold Smoked Sea Salt.

Shop Here from Toronto-based Labour of Love (Note that you can shop directly from the brand, or purchase Kanel from one of many local retailers).


Eatable Popcorn


EATABLE spent over two years, including a year working alongside Paris-trained pastry chefs, creating the perfect alcohol-infused popcorn for elevated everyday snacking. The kernels are popped fresh in their Toronto production facility, and they only use natural ingredients.

They have fun flavours, including Whisky on the Pops, Pop the Salt & Tequila, Pop the Champagne, and more!

Shop Here 

Use the code:  MIDDLEOFSOMEWHERE for $5 off!

Toronto Sugo Sauce

Sugo Sauce

Sugo is a staple restaurant from my Top Five, and you really can’t beat their sauce. Buy Sugo’s house made sauce and you’ll give up grocery store jars for good.

Order here!

Games & Puzzles
Sequence Board Game

Squence Board Game

Sequence is a mix of a card and board game, and involves both strategy and a little bit of luck. It’s great for family get-togethers.

Codenames Board Game

Codenames Game

Codenames is always a party favourite. It involves some creative thinking, as you have to give one-word clues to your team. Great for a little competition amongst friends or family.



There’s good reason why you’ve seen an abundance of Spikeball sets pop up across parks and beaches over the last couple of years. Meant for four players, it’s a perfect excuse to have some fun and get active. Even my least athletic friends love playing!

Gray Malin Double Sided Puzzle

Gray Malin 2-sided puzzle

Gray Malin is one of my favourite photographers. He takes a lot of stunning aerial shots and when I came across this puzzle, I just had to have it. Firstly, it is double sided, so you get two puzzles in one. And if you’re like me, and typically work on a puzzle over a number of weeks, then you’ll love how this one looks while it’s out on your table.

Check out Grey Malin’s other double-sided puzzle options: other beach/water scenes here, Italian vistas here, or winter ski scenes here.

Wild One Dog Toys

Wild One Dog Toys

As we were planning to bring home our pup, @leonardthedood, we were on the hunt for reasonably good looking dog bowls and toys. We knew that his toys would end up strewn across our living room floor, and thought it might be nice to invest in something more stylish than the standard pet store brands. We also wanted to find a collar that was poly coated (versus fabric) so that it would be easy to keep clean.

Let me tell you – modern dog accessories sure are hard to find! But eventually we came across Wild One – a brand out of the US that focuses on simply designed products with a function-first mindset. We ended up getting the walk kittoy kit and bowls. We love all of the items and definitely recommend checking them out. The only downside was that we got dinged with customs charges as the products were shipped to Canada. However, many months later and the toys are still in tact and Leonard hasn’t gotten tired of them!

Canada Pooch Dog Booties

Canada Pooch Dog Booties

We spent some time searching for dog boots that would protect Leonard’s paws from salt and protect our house from his muddy paws. We landed on Canada Pooch’s soft shield boots and are very happy so far. They are super easy to put on and stay on his big paws during long walks (the boots are tall which helps, and have a cord pull at the top and velcro strap to keep them snug). The sizing is a bit confusing – I suggest emailing them ahead of making a purchase should you have any questions!


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