2020 Local Gifts: Great Products from Toronto Restaurants

Dec 15, 2020 | Explore Toronto, Shopping

While I am deeply missing holiday dinners and cocktails out this season, there are plenty of ways to continue to celebrate and support local restaurants. Below are a list of amazing products from Toronto restaurants that make for perfect holiday gifts. They’re easy to order and incredibly delicious!

Another fantastic way to support local restaurants is through the Middle of Somewhere cards – available in the online shop. The cards offer a super fun way to support local restaurants and help you keep track as you taste test your way through Toronto’s best burger, pizza and dessert spots!

Need more gift ideas? Check out the stocking stuffer gift guide here.


Restaurants at Home

Parallel Brothers Sesame Butter

Parallel's Sesame Butter

Photo courtesy of Parallel.

Parallel is one of my favourite Middle Eastern restaurants in the city. It is located along popular Geary Avenue, which is home to some other Toronto hotspots including Famiglia Baldassarre, Blood Brothers Brewing and The Greater Good. Outside of the pandemic, Parallel’s patio is always bustling and it’s for good reason.

They describe sesame butter as being “at the heart of Parallel, used in almost all of our dishes in unexpected ways.” Their high quality sesame seeds come all the way from Ethiopia. This delicious gift can be used in dressings, soups, salads or dips.

Order here!

Note: their food also delivers really well if you’re in need of a little Parallel pick-me-up!

By Chef Nuit Pai Homemade Sriracha

Chef Nuit's Homemade Sriracha

Photo courtesy of Chef Nuit.

If you’ve read my Top Five, you know how much I love Pai. With Chef Nuit at the helm, the food is always fresh, flavourful and absolutely delicious.

Gift Chef Nuit’s house made sriracha to a friend who can’t live without hot sauce.

Order here!

Note: if you haven’t ordered from any of Chef Nuit’s restaurants – do it now! Pai just opened another location uptown, which I ordered from last night, and it was sublime. My go-to is always the Khao Soi, but I always order way more than I can eat because there’s nothing better than having variety and leftovers!

Toronto Sugo Sauce

Sugo House Made Sauce

Photo courtesy of Sugo.

Sugo is another favourite from my Top Five, and you really can’t beat their sauce. Gift a pasta lover with Sugo’s house made sauce and they’ll give up grocery store jars for good.

Order here!

Mildred's Temple Buttermilk Pancake Dry Mix

Mildred's Temple Pancake Batter

Photo courtesy of Mildred’s Temple.

Mildred’s Temple is a Liberty Village institution that is famous for stacked blueberry pancakes (photo). Their buttermilk pancake dry mix is the perfect pick-me-up for a slow winter weekend morning.

Order here! Tip: pair the pancake mix with Mildred Temple’s blueberry compote and real maple syrup for the best breakfast package! All available via their website.

Cluny Bistro Mulled Wine Kit

Cluny Bistro's Mulled Wine Kit

Photo courtesy of Cluny Bistro.

Cluny Bistro’s mulled wine kit is a great way to warm your loved ones bellies and hearts this season.

Order here! Tip: pair it with a bottle of wine from Cluny’s bottle shop for a complete package!

Avling Brewery Beer Mustard

Avling Brewery + Kitchen's Beer Mustard

Photo courtesy of Avling Brewery + Kitchen.

What better gift for someone that loves beer & mustard than Avling’s Beer Mustard! Their house mustard is made using their own beer, so you can’t beat that for local and delicious!

Order here. While you’re at it, you can pick up some of their beers as well, and gift a package full of Avling brewery goodies!

Barque Smokehouse Popcorn Dust

Barque Smokehouse Popcorn Dust

Photo courtesy of Barque Smokehouse

While Barque Smokehouse may be popular for their brisket, ribs or wings, diners also flock there to get their hands on the addicting popcorn. Gift a friend with Popcorn Dust, perfect for an at-home movie night. Barque Smokehouse describes it as “sweet and smoky” with an underlying flavour of cinnamon.

Order here (you can even order it via food delivery platforms). If you’re looking for a more substantial gift, they also have quite the selection of rubs and seasonings that you can pair with the Popcorn Dust.

Carbon Bar BBQ Sauce Toronto

The Carbon Bar BBQ Sauces

Photo courtesy of The Carbon Bar.

What better place to get finger licking BBQ sauces than from one of the city’s best barbecue joints! While I miss the cool vibe & bold cocktails, bringing Carbon Bar’s sauces home is the next best thing! They have three versions, with the espresso being their staple sauce, the sweet & sour being one of the most versatile, and the Carolina mustard perfect for poultry.

Order from the grocery section here!

Terroni Essentials

Terroni Essentials

Photo courtesy of Terroni.

The Terroni essentials package includes their house olive oil, famous peperoncini piccanti (which I featured in the Middle of Somewhere stocking stuffer gift guide – read more here), and pomodori pelati. The bundle is available in three different sizes and is the perfect way to bring Terroni home for the holidays.

Order here!

The Drake Commissary Hot Sauce Trio

Drake Commissary Hot Sauce Trio

Photo courtesy of The Drake Commissary.

The Drake Commissary has plenty of great to-go food items, including many holiday spreads and make-at-home kits. Their hot sauce trio is the perfect non-perishable gift for any spicy food loving friend. The package comes with the following hot sauces: habanero, smoked fresno and serrano & tomatillo.

Order here!

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