Sunday Somewhere: August 2020

Struggling to find inspiration for your weekend plans? I’ve got you covered with Sunday Somewhere. So read on, and go spend your Sunday in the Middle of Somewhere.

Get Active Outdoors

Let’s face it, as soon as we shifted to work from home, I essentially transferred my commute time into more couch blogging time. I’m thankful I splurged on a Bowflex bike back in May – it’s fantastic, but deep down I still can’t believe I finally succumbed to one of those cringey Bowflex commercials that have clearly wedged inside my brain over the years.

I’m also mildly concerned that my apartment is starting to smell and I don’t even realize it – you know how the Febreze commercials talk about nose blindness. What if I have that?! How would I even know these days? Watching too many commercials has me feeling a bit brainwashed and yearning for some fresh air this weekend.

Kudos to any of you who don’t find yourself in this predicament. For those that do, read on for some outdoor activities.

Toronto Outdoor Activities


How many summers do you say “I’m going to ride my bike more often”? Or “This will finally be the summer that I learn how to use Bike Share Toronto“? Make it happen this weekend. There are plenty of great bike routes in the city – if you want a pretty and easy ride, start at the Harbourfront and head either east towards Woodbine beach or west towards Humber Bay. West will give you more time biking by the water and some great views back towards the city (see cover photo).

Want to get away from people aimlessly wandering across the Harbourfront bike lanes, with no regard that you had to violently swerve to narrowly miss them? Or from that couple who decided the Harbourfront trail would be a perfect place to learn how to rollerblade hand-in-hand, as they carelessly teeter back-and-forth between the opposing bike lanes? Head to the Islands – it’s a bit more relaxing and has great skyline views.


Check out this post for a list of great outdoor spots to spend a day.


Join an outdoor workout class. Here are a few options:

  1. Free yoga in the park
  2. Sweat & Tonic – Sweat in the Park
  3. Loft Cycle Club – Core & Cardio in the Park

Note: F45 is also offering outdoor classes. You have to search by location – check their online schedules or their Instagram pages for the latest.

Explore A Market

To be frank, I’ve gone to my fair share of outdoor summer markets around the world – the sangria usually tastes like sour wine and the food makes you wonder if a hot dog from the stand you passed by on your way over would have been a better option. You go for the sunshine and for a place to leisurely spend an afternoon with friends. However, at these Toronto markets, quality food is just as much of a draw as the drinks and the fresh air. So go, support local, eat your heart out, and if anything, there are plenty of hot dog stands around the city to top you up on the way home.


Toronto Outdoor Patio Markets

Stackt Market

Book ahead with Stackt Market to secure one of their socially distanced tables. You can order food and drinks directly from your seat, making for a perfect, casual afternoon. I particularly enjoyed the mango wheat beer from Belgian Moon Brewery on my most recent visit.

The Last Resort

I haven’t had a chance to stop by The Last Resort yet, but it’s a fun new collab by Taco Beach & Dynasty plant shop. There are no reservations, so just pop by if you’re in the mood for a combo you’ve probably never thought of but definitely can’t go wrong with – tacos and plants.

Gerrard East Market

The Gerrard Street Market is a brand new collaboration between a number of local restaurants. Once at your table (no reservations needed), you can order from a number of surrounding spots and they bring your food directly to your seat. There are plenty of great options to choose from – The Vatican Gift Shop (known for their delicious pizza), Poor Romeo (all the cravings – queso, wings, smash burgers, buffalo cauliflower, etc.), Pinkerton’s Snack Bar (bao & snacks), Hype Food Co. (baked treats) and Yard Sale (Thai chicken, tempura & more) to name a few. And of course, there are plenty of drink options too. The 22 tonnes of sand they brought in might not typically be my vibe, but I’m just thankful for another place to enjoy great food on sunny summer days and if we can’t go on vacation, I may as well be thankful for the sand too. Instagram Links: Stackt Market, Taco Beach & Gerrard East Market.

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