20 Questions with Morgan Lunn, Founder of GIRL GANG GOODIES

Girl Gang Goodies Toronto Cookies Morgan Lunn

Meet Morgan Lunn, the founder of GIRL GANG GOODIES!

GIRL GANG GOODIES is so much more than a company that delivers some of Toronto’s most delicious cookies – it’s a brand that celebrates the incredible, supportive womxn in everyone’s lives. As for Morgan, she’s an awesome female founder, who cares deeply for her GIRL GANG and is quick to support those around her.

Despite being born and raised in Vancouver and emphasizing that “so much of [her] heart – [her] family – is in Vancouver”, Morgan explained that after university and an exchange abroad she “just wasn’t ready to go back”. She wanted to work in fashion and ecommerce and found that the opportunities existed in Toronto. “Also, my now fiancé was in Toronto, so it’s been time well spent!”

After university, she found herself doing brand and category management at major companies like Starbucks Canada, HBC and Lululemon. Morgan highlighted how challenges in 2017 pushed her to start GIRL GANG GOODIES:  “My boyfriend had a serious injury – he’s okay and recovered! – and I had no balance in my life. After a year that felt like a trash fire, … what I recognized is, I was profoundly grateful for my personal girl gang who showed up and supported me through the worst days of my life. I also realized that I wasn’t unique in this feeling, and that no matter how you identify, we all have a group of powerful womxn who show up and support us through the thick and the thin. Simultaneously, side hustles were the hot thing, and I have had a lifelong goal of being an entrepreneur. I was feeling creatively drained and wanted to do something outside of work inspire me and teach me to learn all facets of running a business. My passion is brand building, brand design and brand voice and I wanted to create a brand that celebrated these powerful womxn. I have also had this cookie recipe forever (more on this later!) and thus…. GIRL GANG GOODIES was born!” 

I was profoundly grateful for my personal girl gang who showed up and supported me through the worst days of my life.

Morgan’s famous cookie recipe originates from her dad’s ex-girlfriend from the 70’s. The relationship didn’t work out and when Morgan’s mom moved in, she found the recipe card and added the signature spice (which I can attest is so delicious!). Morgan’s mom taught her how to make them, and she’s been baking the cookies ever since.

GIRL GANG GOODIES is much more than a cookie delivery company. Morgan has worked hard to thoughtfully incorporate the idea of a girl gang into the brand. A core example is the brand video: “What is a GIRL GANG” (check it out here). The concept also shows up in the day-to-day. “The real life tangible part of this is every single day we are delivering GOODIES to celebrate GIRL GANG’s all over the city – from the happiest moments (births, promotions, weddings, engagements, achievements), to loss and the every day celebration of ‘I’m so damn grateful for you’.” Morgan goes on to explain, “I think cookies are a treat that are universally loved, and are just a little too much effort to make yourself. They have a nostalgia, home-baked, thoughtfulness energy to them, and I think that comes across when people receive them.”

As for what a GIRL GANG means to her, Morgan said, “Having a GIRL GANG is about those people in your life who support you, uplift you and show up for you. They are your greatest cheerleaders and champion your success. They are who you have on speed dial. They are mothers, daughters, aunts, mentors, father’s, partners and best friends. For me, it was inspired by the incredible womxn in my life, but having a GIRL GANG isn’t limited to a gender; it’s a feeling, a relationship, a trust that you can feel within you.”

Naturally, Morgan is ultra-thoughtful in the way she shows up for her GIRL GANG: “I try and check-in, and really listen. Be there for the hard stuff and celebrate their triumphs. If they need me, I’ll drop everything to support and show up for them. I try and make them feel loved, valued and cherished in the best way I can. My superpower is a handwritten card, so I write a lot of those!”.  She has also quickly become the default person to bring treats to a gathering. “I feel like it is an unspoken ask! And I love to do it, so I usually offer!” And of course, worth noting her favourite place to hang with her GIRL GANG – “My house! I’m cooking, we’re having cocktails, and everything is groovy”.


Girl Gang Goodies Toronto Cookies

Having a girl gang…it’s a feeling, a relationship, a trust that you can feel within you

Read on for some rapid-fire Q&A, and be sure to place an order for some of Toronto’s best cookies. Whether you’re buying for yourself or a special supporter in your life – I promise, they’ll be thoroughly enjoyed!


Your First baking memory?

ML: Jasper Park Lodge, I was 3, Christmas cookie baking activity or watching my grandma make bread in our house – I can’t remember!

Piece of advice for someone thinking about starting a business?

ML: You can do this. You’re going to have self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and wonder why you started at times. Remember, you have to believe in yourself more than anything else in this world because your brand success will rely on it. Shoot your shot and remember: why not you?

Something that you find challenging in running a busniess?

ML: Finding balance and turning my brain off – I’ve come to the conclusion that all entrepreneurs are in some way, always thinking about the business and it keeps us all up at night, you just get better at multi-tasking or finding ways to be present. I’ve started scheduling self-care in like a meeting, even if it’s just 10 minutes to give myself balance during my busiest times.

Your favourite part of running GIRL GANG GOODIES?

ML: Seeing people’s reaction when they receive the GOODIES. Also, when I tell someone  the inspiration behind the brand and I can see in their eyes they are thinking of who those people are in their life. Those are my favourite moments.

Do you run the business fully on your own? Do you have a team?

ML: I am a one woman show! For really large bakes, I contract an additional baker or delivery girl (who is the best), but 98% of it is just me.

Do you think you’ll introduce a second flavour any time soon?

ML: Not of cookies, but always potential for additional seasonal baked items! Watch our Instagram for new launches!

Do you ever get bored of baking?

ML: Never!

A favourite holiday or family tradition?

ML: Christmas Eve with my family! Growing up it was always very fancy, just family, and the best food.

Your go-to work from home attire

ML: Bike shorts and a tee forever.

Three quailites you value most in your GIRL GANG?

ML: Intentional & authentic & dependable

Favourite breakfast/lunch/dinner recipe?

ML: This is hard; I LOVE to cook and could honestly give pages of recipes I love. I love the New York Times shakshuka recipe for breakfast, and this Half Baked Harvest Detox Salad, Cooks Illustrated Chicken Tinga Tacos….the list goes on!

Are you a cookies and milk person? If not, do you like to pair your cookies with anything?

ML: I will always have an alternative milk with cookies or if I have it in the freezer, with vanilla ice cream because that combo is DELISH!

Are you a texter, Face Timer, or caller with your girl gang during quarantine?

ML: Combo texter and caller!

If you weren’t running GIRL GANG GOODIES and you weren’t going back to previous jobs, what would you want to do?

ML: I would love to work on a brand that helps to share the information and better educate women on their fertility options and education in that area. Or helping early stage start-ups scale/grow.

Something you’d love to master?

ML: Bread and croissants.

Inspiring You to Explore the Middle of Somewhere…

Favourite Neighbourhood in Toronto?

ML: Roncesvalles and The Beaches.

Favourite restaurant / food / treat in Toronto (other than GIRL GANG GOODIES, of course!)

ML: Toronto has such an amazing food scene, this is really hard! Top of my list are: Byblos, Fet Zun, Fat Pasha, Dandylion, SOOS, Côte de Boeuf, Jules Bistro, Nana, Agora, Banjara

If I were to visit Vancouver, what should I do, where should I go & where should I eat?

ML: I have a HUGE list, so if anyone is look for an exhaustive list, hit me up. (Season depending) my top hit list would be:

  • Go for a hike; there are so many, my top would be St Marks Summit, The Chief or Cypress Bluffs.
  • Get into the forest at Pacific Spirit park, or Demonstration Forest on the North Shore.
  • Eat Sushi (truly there are SO many good spots).
  • In the summer, grab a pizza and sit at the beach (I love Kits or Spanish Banks).
  • Walk the seawall and explore Stanley park.
  • Go Kayaking in Deep Cove, and grab a Honeys donut or Covert Café cinnamon bun after.
  • If you enjoy beer, do a local craft brewery tour, there are over 40 in Vancouver.
  • Support local coffee shops, I love 49th Parallel, Revolver, Small Victory and Matchstick.
  • If you’re vegetarian or vegan, try Hey Kokomo!
  • If you have the time, visit one of the islands in the summer (I love Salt Spring, Bowen, Hornby but they all have their own magic).
  • Visit Whistler or at least drive the Sea to Sky highway – it is stunning.

A female account you love to follow?

Next at Girl Gang Goodies

Anything we can expect coming up with GIRL GANG GOODIES?

ML: Watch for seasonal CUTIE PIES coming!

Girl Gang Goodies Toronto Cookies
Girl Gang Goodies Toronto Cookies

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